DURU Klima consists of engineers who gained experience in the leading companies of Turkish HVAC market. The company acts as representative of the following companies in Turkey;

• Italian SABIANA in Fan-Coil Units, Unit Heaters and Radiant Panels,

• Danish DANTHERM in Swimming Pool Air Handling Units and Complete Air Handling Units Built in Control Equipment,

The mission of DURU Klima is to proceed on its way with sound steps in a peaceful atmosphere and to remain “DURU = PURE” and honest with its biggest capital of mutual trust shown to its team and collaborative companies.



Sabiana's mission is to built appliances that transform the energy of nature into quality of life. All the Sabiana’s production sites and headquarters are situated in Corbetta and Magenta in Milan - Italy.

  • 1929 - Sabiana was founded by Franco Binaghi and Benvenuto Anatrella.

  • 1935 - Sabiana manufactured and marketed its first electric air heater.

  • 1946 - Immediately after the Second World War the company commenced production of hot water air heaters. Still today seven different models are available

  • 1980 - Sabiana, after analysing and making appropriate changes to its fan convectors, designed and marketed above all as home heating appliances, developed one of its most important products: the fan coil.

  • 1995 - It was starting this year that, exclusively, every Sabiana fan coil came with the option of installing an innovative electronic filter, patented worldwide by Luigi Bontempi. This filter significantly improves the quality of air in work environments, trapping numerous pollutants present in the air, including tobacco smoke, dust, fibres or microbiological substances such as bacteria and fungi. Subsequently the filter has also been applied to other products.

  • 2004 - In March, Sabiana exhibited at Mostra-Convegno Expo Comfort in Milan, presenting another new product: the SkyStar Cassette fan coil, the result of significant technical and design research aimed at developing an avant-garde product in terms of performance, low operating noise and control flexibility.

  • 2009 - The Sabiana 2 site was opened in Magenta (Milan), where the company manufactures its fan coils and air handling units. The site covers a total area of around 15,000 m2.

  • 2010 - In March, Sabiana exhibited at Mostra-Convegno Expo Comfort in Milan, presenting the new Carisma fan coil

  • 2012 - The company then opened its new logistics centre, again in Magenta. This new site covers around 20,000 m2.

  • 2014 - From 1 July, Sabiana has become a member of AFG Group.



Dantherm operate within three main business areas; dehumidification, electronics cooling for telecom and electronics cooling for the industrial sector. 

They command a significant market position in USA, Canada and Mexico - all of which have enabled us to build a significant base of loyal customers. Dantherm ventilation and air conditioning systems are built on more than 35 years of experience and single-minded dedication to energy-efficiency, durable components, reliability and low lifecycle costs

  • 1958 - As a family-owned company Dantherm are established in Skive city from Denmark for to produce dehumidifiers and air conditioning units.

  • 1973 - Dehumidification and heat recovery devices being produced become at first energy crisis

  • 2002 - The company is publicly traded on the stock market opened.

  • 2016 - Dantherm (Dantherm HVAC and Telecom EMEA) has been acquired by the Swedish equity fund Procuritas Capital Investors

Comfort air handling units, indoor pool dehumidification plants, types of dehumidifiers package, especially mobile heating and cooling units designed for the military, precise control unit for the protection of electronic equipment for the telecom industry are produced in Skive factory



  • Flame Towers / Bakü
    Flame Towers / Bakü
  • Allianz Tower / Atasehir
    Allianz Tower / Atasehir
  • Mardan Palace
    Mardan Palace
  • Esentai Tower / Kazakistan
    Esentai Tower / Kazakistan
  • Marriot Hotel / Sisli
    Marriot Hotel / Sisli
  • St. Regis Hotel / Istanbul
    St. Regis Hotel / Istanbul
  • Kadir Has University /Istanbul
    Kadir Has University /Istanbul
  • Hilton Garden Inn / Trabzon
    Hilton Garden Inn / Trabzon
  • Radisson Blu / Tuzla
    Radisson Blu / Tuzla
  • Radisson Blu / Ortaköy
    Radisson Blu / Ortaköy
  • MIR 216 Residential Complex / Turkmenistan
    MIR 216 Residential Complex / Turkmenistan
  • Macfit Zorlu Center Uniq
    Macfit Zorlu Center Uniq
  • Akbank ABC
    Akbank ABC
  • Abdullah Gul University
    Abdullah Gul University
  • Acibadem / Maslak
    Acibadem / Maslak
  • Acibadem Hospital / Istanbul – Bursa
    Acibadem Hospital / Istanbul – Bursa
  • Efes Pilsen Beer Factory / Adana
    Efes Pilsen Beer Factory / Adana
  • Vestel / Manisa
    Vestel / Manisa
  • Sisecam Glass Factory / Eskisehir
    Sisecam Glass Factory / Eskisehir
  • Pristina Airport / Kosova
    Pristina Airport / Kosova
  • Adnan Menderes Airport / Izmir
    Adnan Menderes Airport / Izmir
  • Orange County Resort Hotel
    Orange County Resort Hotel
  • Legoland / Istanbul
    Legoland / Istanbul
  • Crowne Plaza / Izmir
    Crowne Plaza / Izmir
  • Oyak Renault / Bursa
    Oyak Renault / Bursa
  • Beykent University
    Beykent University
  • Bilgi University
    Bilgi University
  • Al Fateh University / Libya
    Al Fateh University / Libya
  • Westminster University / Ozbekistan
    Westminster University / Ozbekistan
  • Swiss Hotel / Ankara
    Swiss Hotel / Ankara
  • Toyota Automotive Factory / Adapazari
    Toyota Automotive Factory / Adapazari
  • Ikea / Bayrampasa – Izmir
    Ikea / Bayrampasa – Izmir
  • HABOM / Istanbul
    HABOM / Istanbul
  • Holiday Inn Hotel / Kazakistan
    Holiday Inn Hotel / Kazakistan
  • Kempinski Otel The Dome / Antalya
    Kempinski Otel The Dome / Antalya
  • Dostyk Hotel Almaty / Kazakistan
    Dostyk Hotel Almaty / Kazakistan
  • Renaissance Hotel / Atyrau
    Renaissance Hotel / Atyrau
  • Sumahan Hotel
    Sumahan Hotel
  • Venezia Place / Antalya
    Venezia Place / Antalya
  • Qabala Hotel / Azerbaycan
    Qabala Hotel / Azerbaycan
  • Trump Tower / Istanbul
    Trump Tower / Istanbul
  • Anadolu John Hopkins
    Anadolu John Hopkins
  • Leroy Merlin Shopping Center / St. Petersburg
    Leroy Merlin Shopping Center / St. Petersburg
  • DHL / Istanbul
    DHL / Istanbul
  • Harvey Nichols
    Harvey Nichols
  • Zara Store / Nisantasi
    Zara Store / Nisantasi
  • Eczacibasi Ormanada / Istanbul
    Eczacibasi Ormanada / Istanbul
  • Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium / Istanbul
    Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium / Istanbul
  • Kemer Country
    Kemer Country
  • Capitol AVM / Istanbul
    Capitol AVM / Istanbul
  • Zara Store Forum Bornova / Izmir
    Zara Store Forum Bornova / Izmir
  • Intourists Hotel / Baku
    Intourists Hotel / Baku
  • Kaliningrad Europa Center / Russia
    Kaliningrad Europa Center / Russia
  • Entes Factory / Istanbul
    Entes Factory / Istanbul
  • TEG
  • McDonalds / Istanbul – Mersin – Kayseri
    McDonalds / Istanbul – Mersin – Kayseri
  • MNG Hangar / Istanbul
    MNG Hangar / Istanbul
  • IC Green Palace Hotel
    IC Green Palace Hotel
  • Yanao Administration Building
    Yanao Administration Building
  • Astana Media Center
    Astana Media Center
  • Beykent Avalon
    Beykent Avalon
  • Euphoria Aegean Resort Spa / Izmir
    Euphoria Aegean Resort Spa / Izmir
  • Selcuk Pharmacy Storage / Gebze
    Selcuk Pharmacy Storage / Gebze
  • Bilkent Integrated Health Campus
    Bilkent Integrated Health Campus
  • KORDSA Factory
    KORDSA Factory
  • Mersin Inregrated Health Campus
    Mersin Inregrated Health Campus
  • Whirlpool Factory Manisa
    Whirlpool Factory Manisa
  • Wyndham Grand Ozdilek Hotel Izmir
    Wyndham Grand Ozdilek Hotel Izmir
  • Canyon Ranch Kaplankaya
    Canyon Ranch Kaplankaya
  • Hampton by Hilton Hotel Izmir
    Hampton by Hilton Hotel Izmir
  • Goodyear Factory Sakarya
    Goodyear Factory Sakarya
  • Yoo Istanbul
    Yoo Istanbul

  • Wyndham Grand Hotel Izmir


    Ozdilek preffered SABIANA fancoil units for Wyndham Grand Hotel in Izmir

  • KORDSA Factory


    SABIANA was preffered by KORDSA 

  • Kucukyali Shopping Mall

  • Flame Towers

  • 25.07.2017
  • The Farewell Party 2016

  • Maltepe İlbank


    Maltepe İlbank prefered SABIANA fancoil units

  • Adore Mobilya


    Adore Mobilya prefered SABIANA unit heaters

  • Goodyear


    Goodyear prefered SABIANA unit heaters

  • Kirikkale Samsung Independent Power Plant


    SABIANA was prefered for Samsung Independent Power Plant in Kirikkale.

  • Emaar Shopping Center H&M Store


    SABIANA was prefered for H&M Store in Emaar Shopping Center.

  • Lecia Bomonti


    SABIANA was prefered for Lecia Bomonti project.

  • Ozdilek Shopping Center


    SABIANA was prefered for Ozdilek Shopping Center in Bursa.

  • Galeries Lafayette


    SABIANA was preferred for Galeries Lafayette

  • Bilkent Entegrated Health Center


    SABIANA was preferred for Bilkent Entegrated Health Center.

  • Yoo Istanbul Project


    SABIANA was preferred for Yoo İstanbul project.

  • Izmir Aliaga Hilton Hotel


    SABIANA was preferred for Hilton Hotel in İzmir.

  • Unilever Vektör Konya


    SABIANA was preferred for Unilever Vektor project.

  • The Farewell Party 2015


    The farewell party 2015.

  • Mersin Entegrated Health Center


    SABIANA was preferred for Entegrated Health Center in Mersin.

  • Bakü Flame Towers


    SABIANA was preferred for Flame Towers in Azerbaijan

  • Allianz Tower


    SABIANA was preferred for Allianz Tower.

  • The Farewell Party 2014


    The farewell party 2014.

  • The Farewell Party 2013


    The farewell party 2013.

  • Starwood St. Regis Hotel


    SABIANA was preferred for St. Regis Hotel.

  • Abdullah Gul University


    SABIANA was preferred for Abdullah Gul University in Kayseri.

  • Pristina Airport


    SABIANA was preferred for Piristina Airport.

  • The Farewell Party 2012


    The farewell party 2012.

  • Radisson Blu Tuzla


    SABIANA was preferred for Radisson Blu in Tuzla.

  • Sisli Marriot Hotel


    SABIANA was preferred for Marriott Hotel in Sisli.

  • Azerbaycan Qabala Hotel


    Dantherm brand indoor pool dehumidifiers are preferred for Azerbaijan / Qabala Hotel.

  • The Farewell Party 2011


    The farewell party 2011.

  • Technical Visit to SABIANA Factory


    Technical visit to SABIANA factory

  • The Farewell Party 2010


    The farewell party 2010.

  • The Farewell Party 2008


    The farewell party 2009.

  • The Farewell Party 2008


    The farewell party 2008.

  • 2007 Celebration


    Celebration for faundation of Duru Klima


Duru Klima San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Address : Tesvikiye Mah. Valikonagi Cad. Sinoplu Sehit Cemal Sok.
Sefkat Apt. No:8 Daire:4 34365 Nişantaşı
Şisli - İstanbul/Türkiye
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